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Robin Bath


Natural Habitats are shrinking to make way for houses, factories and transport links. By encouraging wildlife into our gardens, it helps enhance the biodiversity. In turn helps to produce more oxygen and clean air. over a million acres of private gardens in Britain, we all play a part in the ecosystem.


Allowing an area of your garden to grow a little wild is often the quickest way to provide wildlife a home by leaving grass to grow long and logs to rot down.

There are numbers of beneficial plants that help bees, the most likely colour of plant to attract bees in gardens are purple/violet so why not introduce Buddleia’s, salvias and verbenas into your gardens. Bees are so important to the ecosystem with over 80 crops relying on bee pollination. We deal with everything from soil testing your garden, through design to planting and maintenance.  

If you are happy to be a little more adventurous. Wildflower meadows provide shelter and food sources for important pollinators such as bees. In turn playing a vital part in supporting the ecosystem. Meadows also help to capture and filter out different pollutants from the atmosphere and require little maintenance. We are accredited partners of ‘Wildflower Turf Ltd’

Wildflower Meadow
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